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Ordering Information

In what materials can I order my Gender Ring?

A Gender Ring can be ordered in three metals:

  • Polished bronze (base of copper and tin)
  • Polished silver
  • 18 carat gilt brass (base of copper and zinc)

How long does it take to deliver my Gender Ring?

It takes a maximum of three weeks to craft and ship your Gender Ring. has connections to renowned 3D printing companies in Europe and the United States, each with its own specialties. selects the best 3D printing company based on your specifications. Each order is unique and printed on demand.

The Gender Rings are first delivered to, inspected and packed with care, and shipped to the customer. From order to delivery this process takes a maximum of three weeks.

Why are there different prices for each ring?

The difference is in the size and the chosen materials. Bronze, silver and gilt brass each have their own prices.

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